“Eto nas čuvaj te se pičimo”
“Get ready, we’re busting in”

This is LOVSKI is a Dutch-Bosnian band, which brings together a mix of  tropical electro and balkan folk music ("Bosnian tropical electro"). It was founded by musician, producer and composer  Igor Sekulović, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. We helped Igor to promote his new single (and video) «Party In A No Man’s Land», which was released on 5th of May 2020.

Promotion of such specific music styles is always an interesting challenge, especially if artists are just bringing their brand to the market and have a tight marketing budget. This often means that they do not yet have an active fan base that could be used for the rapid growth of streams number.

As usual, the promotion campaign begins with finding and identifying the target audience. Obviously (and firstly), in this case they are fans of world and Balkan music, but also of tropical electro, which means due to that audience could be expanded.

We planned the campaign to get more potential new fans, not just to increase the number of streams. That's why, in addition to placing in playlists, we were focused on targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

We did a lot of preparatory work: we have collected existing audiences (based on people who engaged with Artist's social pages, watched any videos, visited website etc.) and created "look-a-like" audiences based on them. We also identified the interests of a potential new audience. Then we launched campaigns to test all these audiences in different territories for further optimization.

Same time, we worked on finding suitable playlists and managed to arrange placement in two playlists with a more than 90 000 of followers. 

A week after the release of the single (12th of May), also was released an official video, which was advertised on YouTube using Discovery Ads (as a "recommended" video and "featured" search result). 

As a result, in the first two weeks after the release, we got more than 4,000 streams on Spotify and about 40,000 views on YouTube. Also the number of subscribers to the artist's channel on YouTube has tripled (x3) over this period! We are completely satisfied with the result and proud of this work.


This is a good example of how artists who have a low-budget and haven't had an established fan base yet, can get a large number of streams and views.

Services delivered:

  • Release strategy planning 

  • Targeted advertising

  • Playlist placements

  • YouTube advertising


  • Netherlands, Germany, Belgium etc.

Results for the first two weeks:

  • >4,000 Spotify-streams (+ 1000% compared to the usual number for the same period)

  • >3,000 Spotify-listeners (+800%)

  • ≈ 40,000 YouTube views

  • x3 YouTube-subscribers