Just because your music can easily be found on Spotify and YouTube, that’s not to say that many people will listen in. Your fanbase must become established. And the way we do that is to help people to:


1. Become aware of your music

2. Become curious about your music

3. Enjoy your music!


To successfully fulfill these three steps to begin we need ‘reach.’ Reach in addition to good music and a message that entices people to click.


Here’s what we do for you:

  • Implement a release marketing strategy and recommendations (the perfect marketing campaign is implemented at least three weeks before the release date and runs three weeks after)

  • Playlist pitching;

  • We implement targeted advertising for music streaming promotion (Facebook, Instagram)

  • We build a playlist placements campaign. Your song will be pitched to various privately curated playlists (our partner playlist network has more than 1 million followers).

  • We take care of YouTube advertising (+ remarketing campaigns);

  • And we’ll handle all the additional services like design, radio plugging, PR-support etc.

Ready to start? 

We’re waiting to work with you to propel your music to the next level and beyond! Click the button bellow!

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