«A Composer Who Took the World of Music Industry by Storm» - Rolling Stone.

Nico Cartosio is a modern classic/neo-romanticism composer. 
His debut album, which was recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, charted by Billboard at numbers 13 (Classical Crossover Chart) and 18 (Classical Music Album Chart). 


From the beginning we understood that this project will become particularly important for us. A new great talent, with big ambition and potential, who writes classical music and makes crazy videos: BINGO!

We had following objectives:

  1. YouTube advertising campaigns ("Snow Above The Earth", "Cocaine Marche", "Christmas On The Moon", "Melting");

  2. Album promotion campaign;

  3. CD&Vinyl production and searching for offline distribution partner;

  4. Consulting for the release and artist development strategies.

As usual, we started our work by defining the artist audience: who are the potential listeners? How old are they? What YouTube-channels do they watch and what similar artists do they listen to?

Once the audience is defined, we need to move on to the next stage: how to reach this audience as efficiently as possible? What channels and tools should we use to achieve the best result?

These are always very important questions, because properly developed strategy is always the keystone of success. Due to this we got millions of views with average CPV (cost per view) less than 0,02€! It was a fantastic result for this kind of targeted audience (interests, themes and territories such as USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy etc.), that was later used to promote the album's release.


Also for the album release we supervised the production of vinyl&CD records in Germany. The records were available at largest retail networks in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as worldwide on Amazon and artist's webpage.

Feel free to contact us, if you also want to get millions of YouTube views, launch high-performing campaigns to promote your new singles&albums and grow your fanbase.